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Welcome to our community hub, where all individuals from the entire Commonwealth of Great Britain can gather to build a cohesive community based on the democratic rule of law enshrined in Magna Carta 1215.

Our ultimate aim is to unite all members of the realm, forming a strong and united front that upholds the core values of justice, equality, and freedom for every individual. 

Our Common Law Constitution

The common law articles within Magna Carta 1215 serve as the foundation and set of standards that modern governments within the British Commonwealth must adhere to in order to maintain their legitimacy.

These articles are the essence of our rightful constitution, and are best summed up by one of our community members who committed pen to paper when he unearthed the magnificence of ‘The Great Charter’:

“Discover that beyond a constitution and guideline for justice, MC1215 is a relearning of a moral way of life that we have been educated out of over many, many generations.

An inward journey at times when we realise that we have all transgressed against our neighbour at one point, purely because of the social conditioning of those who will try to keep the knowledge of MC1215 and moral living a secret. Those who wish us to fight among ourselves, so that they may rule.

MC1215 is a powerful instrument to bring us all back together and live a life of abundance and immense satisfaction as we are part of a system that works for everyone, not just the few. A reality that we have been told is only a dream and unattainable, is there waiting for us.”  

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Standing On Principle

Transparency and accountability are the guiding principles that empower those aligned with Magna Carta 1215 to work towards our shared goals.

Our hub provides a platform for individuals to take organised and strategic action, enabling us to bring about meaningful change.

Through engaging community events, impactful advocacy campaigns, and various other initiatives, we are committed to amplify every voice and ensuring that each action carries profound significance.

Unifying Our Community

Together, as a united community, let us forge a path towards a brighter future and a better society for all.

We warmly welcome all individuals eager to contribute to the advancement of our nation and the Commonwealth, inviting you to join us today, collaborating wholeheartedly to build an inclusive society that embodies the timeless principles of Magna Carta 1215 and create positive change for generations to come.

Please take the time to work through our videos and reading pages and begin to learn how to restore our system of Constitutional law and find a community near you to work with, locally.

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