Finding Freedom Through Truth: A Personal Odyssey

I, like many people, through out their adult life, has had their intuition scream at them “things are not as they should be”.

Over the last 3 years, its become clear that I, like you reading this, are part of the majority (that’s 51% or more, with the number growing weekly) who see clearly that the base line question for all of humanity is –

“Who came first? The people or the government?”

We ALL know the answer, deep down, even those whose mouths and actions vehemently claim otherwise, or give excuses for a middle ground.

Knowing the truth of this, I researched and listened to numerous well meaning people, most sincerely wanting freedom and abundance for their fellow man and woman.

Their impressive knowledge of how the legal system worked, that could be used against the government to “win” against them, and put the politicians and bureaucrats in a position to “give us back our freedoms and rights”…? It only worked up to a certain point, the clear logical progression only went so far, as the question, that is on the vast majority of humanities minds, was at the forefront of mine –

“How do we hold them accountable? And put in place a system to hold them accountable in the future?”

Thinking through the logical progression of solution on offer, it became apparent that none of the well meaning actions of “freedom fighters”, “freedom party candidates” nor well meaning sitting politicians, class actions, high court challenges, “living in the private gurus”, “common law groups”, royal commissions, nor petitions will ever result in holding those accountable who have betrayed us, nor with a clear structure to hold them accountable in the future.

These methods only use the constrictions of the current, corrupt system to enable a personal win at best, whilst the system remains.

It’s like working the system at a casino, having a win for yourself, whilst everyone around you loses…and the casino, the one who made the rules, that govern your actions, still exists.

Petition the casino, get one of your “own” working at the casino, get one of your “own” in the management of the casino, discover a weakness in the casinos rules that works in your favour sometimes, hold an inquiry into the conduct of the casino management, start your own system that works independently of the casino – all of these “solutions” still result in the casino being active, and fleecing others.

Nor do any hold the casino and its management accountable.

Seeing that logically none of these “wins” were real change, nor offered lasting guidelines to hold traitors accountable, I discovered, or life itself presented to me, Magna Carta 1215. The one true constitution, as it was written by the people, outlining the steps to be taken when those who we, the people, grant power to administrate our society ie the government, step out of line and take advantage of our inherent good nature – just what is happening, very obviously now.

It is a guideline for real justice when they, or others transgress the most basic of laws – “do no harm.”

No other Australian nor British Commonwealth document offers this, as those pretending to be “constitutional” were written by parliament – and an employee can NEVER write their own employment contract.

MC1215 outlines the trial by jury structure, placing the power for judgement of an individual, including politicians, and the legislation created by a parliament, back into the hands of the people.

Jury nullification of legislation created by parliament is something they want to keep secret. More than this, it outlines a moral and equitable guideline for those administering our society, providing abundance for all and immediately shattering this centuries long falsehood of the necessity and virtue of competition.

Usury is outlawed, immediately dissolving national debt. There is enough for all, with plenty to go around, and with what we also contribute to the betterment of society, in the form of taxes, we the people have the final say on where and how it is spent. Full transparency, on all levels of public servants, as it should be.

MC1215 is the answer to the two questions everyone is asking themselves and are openly discussing with each other now, more and more. MC1215 is the REAL reset that is coming, that the pretended authorities cannot stop, no matter what bluff and bluster come from the eloquent mouths of academics “This has been repealed” “Its an archaic relic of history,” lawyers and judges who do not want to be made obsolete overnight, the pretty faces on main stream media who want to advance their careers and most of all, medical bureaucrats, bankers and politicians who will all be brought before a trial by jury to be held accountable.

Their cries of “these were just guidelines and mandates, not laws” will have no relevance in front of a jury trial, as you will learn when you discover the way a trial by jury functions. One is judged on their intention, not whether they have broken any legislature, by a jury of 12 people – never by a state paid judge, with vested interests to keep their “employers” in a position of power.

Discover that beyond a constitution and guideline for justice, MC1215 is a relearning of a moral way of life that we have been educated out of over many, many generations.

An inward journey at times when we realise that we have all transgressed against our neighbour at one point, purely because of the social conditioning of those who will try to keep the knowledge of MC1215 and moral living a secret. Those who wish us to fight among ourselves, so that they may rule.

MC1215 is a powerful instrument to bring us all back together and live a life of abundance and immense satisfaction as we are part of a system that works for everyone, not just the few. A reality that we have been told is only a dream and unattainable, is there waiting for us.

All we have to do is put our arms over our neighbours shoulder, laugh and cry as we realise that we all want the same future and step toward it together.

Dont take my word for it – begin your research, as ALL is verifiable.

You can start your research with a few recent videos of William Keyte discussing MC1215 and the constitution. A UK presentation, MC1215 is relevant in ALL Commonwealth countries, and those settled by the British initially, including the USA.

Sound Bite University’s Facebook and Telegram page has over 100 short video lessons on MC1215, morality, natural law and the difference between “Lawful” and “Legal”, etymology of language and how the meanings have been changed, among other topics all relevant to relearning the awesome and unlimited power each of us has as a human being.

A deep understanding is expressed by the presenter of the psychological causes and long term manipulation of our thought patterns by those in power.

Understanding the cause of why we are at this point, is just as important, if not more, to understanding and initialising a way forward.

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