The Treasonous 1901 Constitution Act of Australia

The Australian Constitution Act of 1901 was an act of treason and not a document that protects our individual liberties.

This Act was voted in by a series of State referendums by the public and deceptively gave ultimate power to Parliament.

How is Australia’s system of governance supposed to work?

There is only one Commonwealth and that’s the Commonwealth of Great Britain of which Australia is a part.

It has a Prime Minister that is supposed to be put forward by Parliament to be approved by the Governor General, the representative of the crown.

This means that Australia under the governance of one system and cannot create its own Commonwealth.

What is meant to be the role of the monarch in the Commonwealth?

The monarch is the highest public servant of the land with the role of protecting the sovereignty and individual liberties of all subjects within the realm.

They are to have the final say as to whether government legislation is granted or denied assent (approval) as prescribed by their oath of office (job contract) which stems from the universal principles of morality.

queen elizabeth

Why have our individual liberties not been protected by our monarch for many years?

The royal prerogative to deny assent was removed in 1688 by Parliament through the creation of the bill of rights, therefore Queen Victoria did not hold the authority of the people to grant assent to any commonwealth nation having their own constitution as she was a treasonous monarch.

Under the correct governing monarchy structure all fake constitutions are null and void.

The 1688 Bill Of Rights took away jury independence so that a government dictatorship could be established. Colonisation began 100 years later therefore the colonies were established on the principles of dictatorship.

Can Governments Break the law?

Government has the capacity to become criminal in nature by being influenced by private interests and the only mechanisms that prevent criminal government (royal prerogative and jury independence were removed in 1688.)

Australia was setup as for-profit outdoor prison whose largest revenue raiser was crime and prisons because administered by Parliament considering it gave itself the power to write and enforce legislation the interfered with peoples natural born rights.

How does the 1901 Australian Constitution Act work against the people of Australia?

The 1901 Constitution Act was written by British parliament (a dictatorship) that set up Australia’s parliament as the supreme judiciary see chapter 71 judicature act.

Any system that gives government the power to judge the legitimacy of its own legislation and the power to punish people into compliance is by definition a dictatorship.

Sect 71 Australian Constitution Act
Sect 71 Australian Constitution Act

Why did the people vote for the 1901 Constitution Act, if it gave supreme power to Parliament?

Back in 1901 the people were ignorant and still are as to the meaning of democracy. They were led to believe democracy was voting for two wings of the same bird with one agenda.

By then voting in elections for a political party was well established therefore what the people accepted as democracy.

Consensus does not change the truth but it does become what is accepted as truth.

Political parties only began to form prior to the creation of the bill of rights which signalled the shift of power away from the last governmental failsafe mechanism of the monarch (takes an oath to protect the rights of the people from government intrusion) denying assent to any legislation that infringes on the people’s rights.


By upholding the 1901 dictatorship people are saying they are bound to the ignorance of their forefathers to remain a prison colony under government dictate.

The word democracy means the people rule not the people vote for which flavour of slave master they want to be whipped by. Without jury independence the people are enslaved.

The 1901 is the antithesis of democracy and its time for Australians to mature by understanding the sins of the past so they can stop repeating them.

What is Magna Carta 1215?

The Magna Carta 1215 is a democratic common law constitution that recognizes the people as the supreme judiciary and legislature meaning the people govern themselves through the independence of the jury the judge and annul government legislation.

Magna Carta 1215 was sealed in perpetuity making it the sole constitution for the entire British Commonwealth realm because a legitimate constitution imposes limits on what government can do not the people, so we need to take responsibility and use the standards government knows it’s bound to assert our natural born freedoms therefore liberating ourselves from government dictatorship.

Understanding the principles of democracy contained in the MC1215 is the only solution to getting government get out of our way and back to its intended purpose of keeping the power on and emptying the bins.

For more specific detail regarding the lawful restoration process and reasserting our natural born rights we encourage you to explore the multitude of resources on this site including the videos, reading and notices pages.

Furthermore, please check out the series of videos from Soundbite University detailing how treason has been committed via the creation of 1901 Constitution Act.

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