Questions For Police

police badge

Are you aware that much of your daily shift is spent in criminal activity, or supporting the criminal activity of others?

Do you understand what the implications of this will be on your personal and family life, when it becomes known to the general public? (As it will).

Are you aware of the extreme seriousness of betraying daily the sanctity of your Constable’s Oath?

Are you aware that such betrayal is classified as High Treason under the law you are sworn to uphold, which is the Constitution for the entire British Commonwealth, and carries the most severe penalties under the law?

Do you realise that your constable’s oath means your role is delegated to you by the monarch to protect individual rights from all who seek to violate them, including the legislative branch of government, as the monarch is duty bound by oath to defend the people’s right to self-determination from parliamentary tyranny?

Are you aware that your oath of office is the thin blue line that separates lawful and criminal behaviour and that without adherence to that oath you no longer police by consent?

Do you understand that despite the presence of your weapons, badge, and costume you are in law no more than the equal of those you have sworn to protect?

Do you understand that by enforcing constitutionally repugnant legislation, instead of the laws and customs you are sworn to protect, you become a professional aggressor for politicians, a crime punishable by up to 25 years in jail?

Do you understand that by justifying your actions as ‘just doing my job to provide for my family’, the income and assets acquired by your actions will eventually be classed as ‘proceeds of crime’, confiscated from your surviving family, and that it will all have been for nothing?

In the circumstances just described, what do you imagine will be your family’s assessment of your legacy to them?

What do you suppose will be the personal consequences to you and your family, when the numbers of people aware of your criminal activities reaches a ‘tipping point’?

To discover what you can do to cease the karmic damage you are doing to yourself and your family, and desist from inflicting criminal harm on those you swore to protect, examine the links shown below.

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A campaign is currently running to send these questions to all police stations in Australia and is open to anyone willing to participate.

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