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Growing Transcends Collecting In The Pursuit of Joy

Recently members of our growing group have been approached by people in other sections of what’s become known as the freedom movement.

Naturally, it behooves us to also become familiar with these peoples’ thoughts, so that useful exchanges of knowledge and principles may occur. These groups are often termed ‘Common law groups’.

Many such groups seek ways of tackling the corrupt legal system using its own rules. Often this is done with the idea of successfully rebutting or evading fines or penalties levied by one of the many departments posturing as authoritative government or its enforcement arm, the police.

Unfortunately, even victories gained in this way do nothing to change things for the better.

The best result usually is a temporary personal reprieve from perpetual oppression by criminals. There is a better, indeed, the only viable way.

William Keyte has just posted a short essay on the shortcomings common to most of us, which have led to the deplorable situation that now confronts us regarding law and justice. The link to it is here:

The Critical Link between the Constitution’s Trial by Jury and Natural Law – News – LawAndAlchemy.org

It is superbly expressed, and I add only a few comments to highlight the eternal principles at play here, plus two short quotes, separated by about 2000 years, which pinpoint the spiritual aspects of this conflict between good and evil.

“I’m alright Jack” doesn’t cut it.

The difference between the common law approach and the Article 61 method is profound. The common law group approach is based on the individual gaining a personal advantage from engaging with and entering into a negotiation, with a corrupt and evil system that is designed to obscure relevant facts and principles of law from everyone who isn’t a party to the deception.

It requires detailed knowledge of the legalese system. Many of those who try it come seriously unstuck when they make the attempt, sometimes ending up considerably worse off than before.

Even the rare successes provide no assistance to anyone else, especially the vast majority of people who lack even a basic understanding of natural, true, or constitutional law.

The Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 method conversely requires no specialised knowledge of the legalese system. It doesn’t involve engaging with (and tacitly ceding authority to) a corrupt system staffed with highly-trained exponents of deception and manipulation. All the documentation and assistance needed are provided free of charge to anyone.


Staying within the law.

There is no fear of being accused of belligerence by those running the current oppressive system . The method fully accords with natural, true, or constitutional law and is suited to whatever level of lawful opposition to the current oppression an individual may choose to exhibit.

One can go all the way to the end of the line in resisting threats and unlawful deprivations of liberty, up to and including the calling up of constables to eject bailiffs from one’s property for trespassing or assault, should one desire.

Or, one may simply record one’s dissent, compiling evidence of crimes for future trials-by-jury of public officials for a host of offences. One can reduce unlawful harm to oneself or family, by complying ‘under duress’ at any point.

This minimises potential disharmony in the home. It permits life to continue basically as ‘normal’, but with the vital proviso that one’s lawful dissent has been properly recorded and will have standing in future trials in courts de jure.

Using Article 61 helps everyone.

That we can provide evidence of coercion and extortion under threat will only worsen the position of those oppressing us. This method easily permits the inclusion of far greater numbers of law-abiding Crown subjects into the movement to restore a lawful justice system.

It is thus an aid to the whole community, not just the individual involved. This is a numbers game, and those criminally abusing us will start to quail when they become aware of millions of lawful non-compliers acting in concert.

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” :-Tacitus (Roman historian)

Ben Stokes (England cricket captain, when asked how he felt about completely dominating a game, yet not getting the desired result). After explaining that the players had lived up to the expectations and demands they placed upon themselves, as individuals and as a team.

“It’s not what you get: it’s what you become.”

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