CALL TO ACTION! – Council Letter Campaign

Continue our drive for freedom with our campaign letters to local councils.

We are running an ambitious campaign to send this one 12-point letter to every council office across the country that can be accompanied with a cover letter.

It includes scannable QR codes that link to resources.

It’s been created to make it as easy as possible for anyone who cares about reversing the downward spiral this country is in.

These letters do not need to be sent by registered post. Many Council CEO’s have already been put on notice by members of the MC1215 community, and these can be sent to other Council employees in various positions.

Just download the letters below and send them via regular post to your local council CEO or other Council employees.

You can still contribute to the campaign without sending letters by sharing this page around or by posting this link of the Questions For Council Employees on various social media platforms and in chat groups.

council questions
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