Social Proof

It is thought and often argued that Magna Carta 1215 is an antiquated document that holds absolutely no weight in today’s society.

Though, if this were the case, law enforcement officers and other public officials would just laugh it off and dismiss it, however, this has not been the case when one uses the law and challenges the authority of officers trying to assert their dominance, as can be seen in some of the clips below.

This page shows a selection of videos where individuals have stood up to these thugs with truth and the law on their side and the effect can be witnessed with your own eyes.

With the use of the Pocket Caution Card and familiarising yourself with the questions from the Interacting With Police script, you too can feel more comfortable and empowered when confronted and interrogated by our super-friendly, public servant pals.

Be sure to film every interaction that you have and share to your social media to make others aware of the crimes being committed by our officers.

If you would like to submit a video or a link to this site where MC1215 has been used to stand up to these officials, please use the Contact page and we will look to post here for you.

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