Magna Carta 1215 Community

The Magna Carta 1215 Community is growing throughout the UK, Australia and the greater Commonwealth as people begin to understand the importance and power of our great constitution.

The Geelong & Moreton Bay initiatives are the first to begin to establish a localised community of this nature in Australia with the hopes of encouraging more people to form their own MC1215 communities in their home towns.

To find a local MC1215 community in your area, please check the list below and connect with the links provided below.

If you would like assistance in creating an MC1215 community in your home town, please contact us for further information. A starter pack can be provided to help you set things up.

PLEASE NOTE: Our local MC1215 communities are primarily focused on initiating the only peaceful and lawful solution to the restoration of law under Magna Carta 1215 Article 61.

Attempts to deviate and distract from others from achieving our goal, may see you removed from some of these groups. Please take the time to learn, grow, focus and initiate the correct actions required to achieve this outcome.


TG = Telegram group, FB = Facebook Page

MC1215 Knowledge Centre (TG)


Cardinia Region (FB)
Geelong (FB) (TG)


Moreton Bay (FB)

Western Australia

Perth (FB)

South Australia

Adelaide (FB)
Mid Murray Region (TG)

United Kingdom

UK MC1215 Article 61 (TG)
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