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Knowledge is not power but the potential for power. Power is the application of knowledge.

You can have all the knowledge in the world but without action it equates to ignorance.

There are many ways to be proactive within the MC1215 community to contribute in restoring the Rule of Law under our constitution, Magna Carta 1215.

Learning about Magna Carta 1215 and understanding the crimes being committed on a daily basis by the very people employed to serve us is the first step to achieving freedom and sovereignty, however, no matter how much knowledge you consume about this corrupt system, if you do not act on the knowledge, then nothing will ever be done about it.

Our lawful notice process is just one way to educate and put on notice individual agents of the state, private enterprise, and even fellow members of your community that are acting unlawfully and in doing so collect evidence of their criminal behaviour but there are also other ways that we can get actively involved that can further the progress of this movement.

This video below gives a great example of why action is necessary right now. Currently we have men and women in uniform committing heinous crimes with complete impunity and protection from the legal system.

If we want to put an end to the violence and suffering that is occurring on a daily basis at the hands of those that have sworn to protect us, then we need to come together as a united front and become actively involved in the solution.

Please check out our current Police Letter Campaign to see how you can help.

Police & Judiciary Letters

These letters are designed as a “once-off” correspondence that anyone can send, regardless of their chosen method of fighting the criminal state.

They have been written for the broader community to unify and stand together against our common threat.

It is recommended to send the “Dear Police Constable” letter to the Commissioner and the highest ranking member at your local police station, whereas the “Dear Judicial Officer” letter can be sent to any state or federal court official, as it cuts across all manufactured jurisdictions.

The “Dear Public Servant” letter can be used to send to public servants in the role of minster, MP, Bureaucrat and department employees.

All of the letter templates can be edited to suit your own personal circumstances.

Police Constable letter instructional video

Judicial Officer letter instructional video

Public Servant letter instructional video

Police Constable Precrime Orders letter instructional video

Child Protection Precrime Order letter instructional video

Judicial Officer Precrime Order letter instructional video

The Dear Police Commissioner Letter can be sent to a Police Commissioner of any state.

Please note that page 2 has ABN details for WA Police and will need to be edited to suit your own state via an ABN Lookup.

Police Commissioner Shane Patton letter instructional video

The two Statement Of Intent letters below can be used to affirm your standing in lawful dissent as an alternative to committing to the Oath Of Allegiance, and as a way to attest your commitment to holding men and women professing to be Crown agents accountable for their actions.

Statement Of Intent Concise letter instructional video

Statement Of Intent Detailed letter instructional video

Directions for sending:
  1. Download one (or both) of the above letter templates.
  2. Edit the red text with the appropriate details. (and change font colour to black).
  3. Print 2 copies and sign both. (Witness signatures are not required with these letters).
  4. Place one copy in regular DL sized envelope with the correct recipient address. The 2nd copy to be stored for your personal reference.
  5. Postage must be through registered post, so use a prepaid registered post envelope or if using a regular envelope, upgrade to registered post at the Post Office.
  6. Post the letter and keep your receipt and tracking number stored with your 2nd copy.

Public Service Proof – Phone Call Scripts

These scripts can be used to gather evidence to whether your local police station or courthouse agents are acting as public servants or private corporations and are standing under their Oath of Office.

Using these scripts and recording the evidence will act as proof of their criminality and will help to expose their frail facade to yourself and others.

It is of utmost importance that any of these conversations are recorded and preferably shared to social networks, so that others can see the evidence for themselves in real world circumstances.

Social Media Shareables

The images below are items that are designed to be used as social media posts to inform and/or provoke discussion in the interest of leading others to the only lawful solution to the issues we face in our society today. The solution being the restoration of our common law constitution, Magna Carta 1215.

Please download or screenshot these and post to your social media networks as a means to raise awareness and invoke critical thought amongst your peers.

Superstition of Slavery
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