CALL TO ACTION!! – Police Letter Campaign

Time to use your power to impact the course of freedom!

We are running an ambitious campaign to send this one page 12-point letter to every police station across the country. It includes scannable QR codes that link to resources.

It’s been created to make it as easy as possible for anyone who cares about reversing the downward spiral this country is in.

You have the choice to remain anonymous and send without fear of reprisal as there is no requirement for your name or address.

It’s as simple as addressing the envelope to “Officer in charge” above the address of your local police station. 

A cover letter has also been created to accompany the 12 point notice and can be downloaded below.

To increase the likelihood of trackable delivery we are recommending using the royal mail system as all other mailing options to police and courts have not been getting delivered consistently. Watch video on royal mail for details on how to send.

There are people working on creating a database of all the stations across the country by state so we can mark them off as they are received, track the progress and identify which stations are yet to be served.

This flyer has a secondary function that is even more powerful. It can be hand delivered to the mailbox of any police officers you know. Sit with the impact of that for a moment.

If you are willing to act then once you are at the post office take a picture of your completed envelope as explained in the video, post a picture in the MC1215 Facebook group so we can see which the details of the station and update the database to track the progress of the campaign.

We encourage you to use your power to inform your local police of their sworn duty to protect the people from all crimes especially criminal government and remind them of the consequences for neglecting their duty.

Police speak to one another so the more stations that are covered the more impact this will have the growing awareness and will of the people who out number them.

Further explanation about the 12 Questions To Police can be found here.

If you are someone who may not be in a position to post letters, you can still contribute to the campaign by sharing this page around or by posting this link of the 12 Questions To Police on various social media platforms and in chat groups.

Here’s a little reminder of why we need to act NOW!

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