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History Magna Carta 1215 

King John signed under duress therefore invalidating the Magna Carta 1215 

It is a misconception of folks today to imagine that the feudal monarch was ‘absolute’. Far from it. That was an attribute which came much later in our history under the deranged dogma of the “Divine right of kings”.

According to feudal protocols, the king was at all times subject and bound under the Common Law terms of his Coronation Oath to uphold the Law of the Land, legem terrae.

The king’s numerous atrocities and unchivalrous gross offences placed him outside the Law of the Land to which he was subject and already bound by oath therefore.

Claims that the king was under duress when he sealed Magna Carta making the peace treaty null and void, is like claiming that one is not accountable for the crime of murder because they have been brought  to trial against their will.

How many criminals agree to facing justice of their own volition? 

The Magna Carta 1215 is null and void because King John had a contract with the Pope prior to 1215 

In all secular legal matters concerning possession of the Land of England at large, John’s feudal position placed the nobility, the ‘barons’, the three hundred great peers of the realm, as John’s equals and judges in accord with the Common Law of the Land, quashing John’s ‘appeal’ to the pope.

The religious potentate’s attempted interventions were ultra vires; spurious; a figment of conceit.

The Magna Carta 1215 was changed in 1216 

The correct translation and interpretation of Article 39 which installs the pan-European phenomenon of judicium parium, the Common Law Trial by Jury set out in The Great Charter, refutes all notion of a ‘get-out clause’ as a dunce’s nonsensical fiction.

The term ‘freeman’ as appears in the Magna Carta 1215 refers to the Barons

The freeman was a freeborn English male of unspecified, but adult age. Freeman came from all backgrounds, rich and poor alike and included close and distant relatives of titled people. 

Keep in mind the word ‘man’ (how it is written above) is a throwback to how society functioned in 1215 so to capture the spirit of that meaning and translate it into today’s social structure its meaning is men and women. 

What is the intended purpose of the Monarchy system of governance?

The monarchy system of governance in its authentic form has three layers of governance. 

First Tier – is the lower house of parliament whose purpose is to present legislation that enhances the principles of equity and justice for scrutiny by the second tier. 

Second Tier – is the upper house of parliament whose purpose is to scrutinise the legislation presented them by the lower house to make sure that it is in view of elevating the peoples long term prosperity. 

Third Tier – being the monarch (highest public servant) acting as the peoples fail safe that has the final say as to whether government legislation is granted or denied assent as prescribed by their oath of office (job contract) which stems from the universal principles of morality. 

The monarchy structure has been a huge failure in terms of it intended purpose to preserve the universal principles of morality. In 1066 when the French invaded, roman law (codified law) was inserted in with authentic English common law which was to trigger the gradual demise of the monarchy system of governance in its intended form. 

After the Magna Carta 1215 was sealed, conniving power grabbers set a course for the slow and systematic erosion of the 1215 peace treaty that granted authority to government to make decisions on behalf of the people.

After Johns heir, Henry, a treasonous monarch, attempted to change Magna Carta in 1216, 1217 and 1225, parliament created a statute version of Magna Carta (codified law) granting itself the power to change its creation at a whim. 

This pattern of undermining the authentic system of governance agreed to by we the people continued thereafter, with a never-ending series of Vatican owned monarchs and power grabbing families culminating in the great fire of London, the trigger to the creation of the 1666 Cestui Que Vie Act (strawman trust) followed by the infamous 1688 Bill of Rights. 

The Bill of Rights aka codified law, usurped the King/Queen’s Coronation Oath to govern the people by their own laws and customs under the Christian principles of law, by creating the oath in statute.

The Coronation oath in statute introduced the false idea that the monarch must swear to uphold the “Statutes in Parliament”, instead of the Magna Carta Constitution.

The Crown was overthrown by breach of the original coronation oath and the sovereignty of the people along with it. 

Coupled with this was the simultaneous removal of the peoples safeguard mechanism that keeps the people in charge of government that being authentic Trial by Jury.

The removal of Trial by Jury was a critical piece of the puzzle the power grabbing families needed to remove in order to guarantee the seamless usurpation of the monarch’s royal prerogative to grant or deny government legislation.

Had Trial by Jury been in play as enshrined in the 1215 Great Charter, every member of parliament would’ve been brought to stand trial before the people for treason. 


Are you obliged to let police on your property? 

No. Police must confirm that they are standing under their oath of office of constable in order for them to claim authority granted them by the people. So before answering any questions you need to establish their identity, name, rank, badge number and the name of the station they operate from and whether they are standing under the authority of constable granted them by we the people. 

Beware the mind trick when asking police if they stand under their oath of office of constable. Having them answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is as rare as hens teeth but what you can expect is that they will repeat their job title and name i.e. “I am Constable Daryl Condon.” 

Then you ask them to produce the source of authority upon which they rely considering they are not standing under the authority granted by we the people. Also let them know that impersonating a constable is a criminal offence. 

The flow chart detailing what to do when dealing with police has specific detail on how to hold police accountable for their lawless behaviour. For more specific detail see the “Police Interaction Script” on the Notices page.

Are you obliged to let police into your home? 

If you have not caused harm, loss, breach of the peace or committed fraud then absolutely NOT! 

Are you entitled to video? 


What is the best way to remind police of their obligations and oath? 

Letting them know the public servants are in service to the people meaning they are duty bound to uphold their oaths of office then quoting the caution card. Also that serving two masters is the crime of duplicity. 

Do I need to display a sign on my property or front door that I am standing under MC1215? 

Yes. There is a removal of implied right of access notice you can put up on your front door. 

What if you live in a multi communal premises like unit, townhouse, and someone else lets the police onto the property? 

You still do not need to open your front door. 

Do I step outside to talk to them or is it best to stay behind a screen door (or the door threshold)? 

Definitely, stand behind the security door. 

What do I do/say if I get arrested? 

You can let them know that their costume and armour cannot protect them from the karmic debt that will haunt their soul for eternity for transgressing against the laws of creation upon which they rely for survival. That there is no amount of alcohol or illicit substance abuse that can release them from what’s coming.

Their drinking problem is the natural consequence of projecting their suppressed self-loathing onto others and then acting it out.

The only path their soul has for salvation is to stand as a man or woman before the people they have violated to answer for the crimes their conscience knows they have wilfully committed for a pay cheque. 

What do I do/say if I get questioned (am I still entitled to record)? 

If you’ve been arrested, you won’t be recording, yet you can let the officers know that you are standing under the highest law ever written which is the same law that they will be answering to at a later date, which carries full asset stripping as a minimum. So the point of going to work to be able to provide for themselves and their family is self-defeating. 

You can add in that when their family and friends find out that they are slavery enforcement agents, there is no crevice that they can hide where we the people won’t find them, so instead off passing down honour, pride and assets to their heirs, the legacy left to their children to endure is the shame of carrying the family name associated with war crimes committed against we the people, no different to a mercenary for hire! 

What do I do/say if the police turn up with a warrant? 

People who chose to act as police officers are specifically profiled for their willingness to follow orders without question, so a warrant is their ticket to violate your rights mercilessly. There is very little that you can say that will change the situation in the moment. 

If you are being pursued under treasonous legislation you can seize the moment and to collect evidence by videoing these men and women in costume committing the very crimes constables are sworn to protect the people from by leading with asking if they stand under their oath of office of constable then quoting as much of the caution card as you can before you are handcuffed. 

What makes a warrant legitimate? 

The court stamp and the registrars name and signature.

What do I say if I get pulled over and police ask to see my drivers licence or ask was I aware that I was driving over the speed limit etc? 

Being police are masquerading as public servants you will need to establish their identity. Before answering any questions, it is critical to have the officers identify themselves by asking their name, rank, badge number and what station they operate from – ensure you are recording the event. 

Once established you then need to verify the authority from which they operate. A critical yet poorly understood principle of public service is, that in order to have legitimate claim to authority, one who acts in service of the people needs to adhere to the principles of universal morality, which is why the oath of office of constable was created.

That is why your next question needs to be “are you standing under your oath of office of constable?” which they will never answer. 

If they persist to threaten you with loss or harm, then surrender your licence under duress and let them know that acting under duress means that being forced to break the law shifts responsibility for the transgression onto them while you record the incident.

Maxim in law – any act against my will is not my own act. As you will have their names and place of business you can initiate the lawful notice process on each member involved in making you comply with breaking the law. 

For more specific detail see the “Police Interaction Script” on the Notices page. 

Do I have to step out of the car? 

Only if you or your property is threatened with violence, and you do so under duress and make sure you record the entire event. See above. 

I’ve just been pulled over, when do I have to declare I am under oath? 

As soon as you are able by quoting the caution card also remembering to record the entire interaction with your phone. A handy tip is to affix a copy of the pocket caution card to your sun visor. 

The best way to declare your oath is to initiate the lawful notice process of No Demands to the 3Cs (courts, cops and council). The sooner you start this process the better. 

Understanding MC1215 today

Remember the old saying “rubbish in = rubbish out?”

How can we know of somethings existence of a law that protects our natural born freedoms if we were never taught about it?

The knowledge we have accumulated over time is largely due to our external influences: education, family and friends, work, news sources etc.

Put simply, if the information (input) you absorb is of poor quality, the quality of one’s behaviour (output) will be equally as poor. Just as eating a low-quality diet means the body performs poorly.

Sadly, and for generations, we have been fed poor information. 

The difference between slavery and freedom is that slavery requires the wilful refusal of truth (ignorance); and freedom, the wilful acceptance of truth.

Therefore, if the truth is hidden then the only information available is superstition. It’s a bitter pill to swallow yet superstition is the fuel that has been powering the engine of society for centuries. 

Such is the depth of generational programming that today, superstition is accepted as truth and truth is believed to be superstition.

What is the distinction between common law and MC1215? 

This question requires qualification before it can be answered as there are a few different interpretations of the definition of common law. 

Common law definition: 

1. Judge made law or case precedent 

2. UN statute/contract law expressed as no loss, no harm, no injury, be honourable in your contracts 

3. Authentic common law, based on the principles of morality which is expressed not written down 

The MC1215 does not contain the universal principles of morality in written form as the moral man does not require written expression of objective truth. 

What the MC1215 does contain, is the acknowledgement of an agreement to operate justice from the mechanism necessary for morality to be the arbiter of justice by way of Trial by Jury. Trial by Jury is where individual jurors are acting from conscience that is clear, which is a representation of the collective conscience. Making decisions from conscience is the means by which morality both practiced and held as the highest aspiration of a nation. 

Can Parliament be sovereign? 

The English Commonwealth constitution allows Parliament to present statutes but the monarch must NOT enact into law any which infringe Legem Terræ, the Law of the Land (cited in Article Thirty-Nine of the 1215 Great Charter).

The Trial by Jury in which the People are represented as randomly selected jurors judging the legitimacy of the law, forms an additional, indeed a supreme, safeguard of the people’s inherent freedoms. 

Parliament CANNOT ever be sovereign. Parliament under a constitution is His/Her Majesty’s Parliament.

The constitutional monarch holds the sovereignty of the people in trust as the ‘holder of the office of sovereign’ and is bound by the Coronation Oath to protect the peoples’ laws and customs (sovereignty) and the 10 commandments.

The peoples sovereignty is ONLY in place whilst the people (jurors) can annul government legislation.

What does treason mean? 

Treason is any act adjudged to undermine, or be in conflict with, the people’s absolute sovereignty ordained by the 1215 permanent Constitution of the People. 

Sovereignty is the supreme and independent power of the making and enforcing of laws specifically embodied in, and exercised through, implementation of the Trial by Jury in accord with the Constitutional Common Law of the Land. 

Treason is the usurpation of the peoples innate need for self-determination therefore every crime stems from treason which is why it is the most serious of crimes, even more serious than murder, because it’s the murder of an entire nation.

What does “sovereign citizen” mean? 

Sovereign; Sover = above or beyond. Reign from regnum = rulership or control. Sovereign means to be above the control of rulership of another hence not a subject or a slave. 

Citizen; Citi = municipal. Zen = servant 

A slave to the corporation to which it pledges: Does not have rights: Only has privileges which are given to it by the corporation to which it pledges. 

Therefore, a citizen is a servant of a fictional invention known as a municipality. 

The two words put together are an oxymoron because they are in contradiction to one another therefore has no meaning because the two cancel each other out.

What is freeman on the land (FMOTL) and why it’s problematic? 

Freeman on the land is the term given to the practice of using the treasonous system to beat the system, the overwhelming majority claiming to practice common law use as a means of claiming freedom.

FMOTL technique uses what is known as codified law, a combination of UCC/admiralty maritime/contract/equity law combined with legislation/statute, the antithesis of authentic common law. 

Authentic common law is based on the principles of universal morality which cannot be in written form.

Common law is accessed through the conscience in every moment of day-to-day life, that is why the moral man/woman will always stand on principal where the immoral man seeks codified law because that is the domain of the overindulgent ego that seeks to bend and twist a way through the limits set in codifying moral relativism into law in order to then be instrumental in shaping it. 

Think of codified law as a bank that you are eyeing off as a target for a heist. If you are wanting to be successful at plundering the bank without being caught, do you walk in unprepared and wing it, or do you go to great lengths collecting critical data, intelligence and resources needed to meticulously plan and execute the heist? 

Using FMOTL leaves you further exposed to being plundered, whereas using a system that stands on principle maximises your protection because we are accessing our innate understanding of the laws of existence, we all depend upon for not only our survival, but the quality of our existence as a collective.

What is codified in the MC1215, is the mechanism by which common law can be upheld as the highest aspiration. That mechanism is Trial by Jury.

Trial by Jury provides the capacity for common law to be preserved because it forces everyday people to access objective truth through the conduit of their conscience.

This is what is known as a natural justice tribunal, which holds the principle of equity in the highest regard. The coronation oath requires the highest public servant to swear to uphold the laws of God, another way of saying universal principles of morality. 

What does Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal, and Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent mean? 

Structuring notices in this manner means that no matter who you place on notice within an organisation the recipient is under obligation to notify the most senior member. Should the most senior member be placed on notice they have an obligation to notify every member of the organisation. 

Do I need to place a trespass notice at my front door or on my front property gate? 

You do not need to, yet it’s just more evidence of the transgressions of law that you will need to collect for the trial of each man or woman acting as crown agent commits by entering private property without the lawful authority to do so. 

Do I leave notices/mail from corporations masquerading as government unopened and mark the envelope return to sender / no contract / no consent etc? 

Never! The criminal system has the power to punish, and you don’t.

Corporations masquerading as government work on the presumption that you consent if you ignore the notices unless their presumptions are rebutted.

Writing RTS / no consent / no contract etc. will only serve to make a default judgement against you in your absence because the presumption is that you are the corporate fiction that stands under their presumed illegal authority.

In some instances after the third ‘Return to Sender’, you are deemed as giving consent to their contract under the colour of law system that is in play. 

Always follow the demands process of conditionally accepting any demands because this is the only way that the presumption that underpins the religious superstition (colour of law) the criminal empire operates from can be neutralised.

The ancient superstition requires your consent to steer the responsibility for the karmic debt that gets released for transgressions of natural law, on to you.

For this reason, you rebut every piece of correspondence with a rebuttal letter attached to the next notice in the sequence without exception! 

What does it mean when I receive mail from corporate government where my name is written as a proper noun? 

You will notice that if your name is represented as a proper noun there will be a prefix like Mr, Ms or Mrs in front your name which is another way of representing you as the fraudulently created legal fiction. Mr/Mrs etc means the lowest ranking member of their illusory infantry. 

What is the limit of obligation of witnesses to notices? 

There is a common misconception that witnesses to your notices are liable for the content of the notice. This is incorrect.

The practice of having witnesses is a universally accepted practice of document authentication where the witness is verifying that the signee has scribed their signature in wet ink.

Therefore, the witness is attesting to the legitimacy of the signees signature, nothing more.

Can only nationals of the Commonwealth be witnesses to notices? 

Anyone currently standing on the soil of any Commonwealth nation can not only sign as a witness but take the oath and send out notices. 

How do I sign under duress? 

There are two recognised methods of signing under duress: 

1. Extreme duress – when loss or harm is imminent e.g. the difference between being locked up or let out on bail. In this instance we use v.c. Latin for Vi Coactus meaning “having been forced” or “having been compelled”. 

2. Mild duress – when there is something you require to go about your daily business that requires your signature, yet to do so, is to grant authority to the criminal system e.g. signing on a bank card or drivers licence. In this instance place three horizontal dots … before your signature. 

Why don’t we see MC1215 groups at peace rally marches? 

Protests are rituals where people go to beg for their rights that grant authority to the criminal imposters who utilise protests as a means to stroke their ego.

It gives the string pullers opportunity to unleash their well-armed order following private militia on the people. 

Treason is a war fought behind closed doors in secret with a pen.

By initiating the Lawful Notice Process we are picking up our pen as our sword and protecting ourselves and our community with the shield of truth in a peaceful honourable manner.

Why we ‘do not’ go and take over buildings like parliament? 

Reality is shaped by what the aggregate believes and the actions that follow.

Article 61 is about unifying the people to act in concert therefore there can be no successful reclaiming of public buildings until the collective conscience raises to not only understand, but accept the depth of deception the people have swallowed and take personal responsibility to do something about it.

That is why there needs to be an initiating force that not only absorbs the losses by holds the line with dignity and integrity.

In order for more to join then there are specific steps that must be undertaken first before the numbers needed for building seizures can amass into an unstoppable force.

The force needs to be large enough that police would be forced to decide whether they wish to be arrested or start arresting the criminal imposters. 

Anything short of that is going to not only backfire spectacularly, but paralyse the freedom movement due to the ammunition the fake stream media will have to bury any chance that public opinion could be shifted to accept the truth about the existence of a peaceful lawful remedy. 

Why is the MC1215 Telegram page strict about posting things unrelated to Magna Carta 1215 and the solution? 

The unique nature of the group is for those with the self-discipline to stay focused on the solution of Article 61. 

The Learning Centre is where we come together to discover the truth about the law that is Magna Carta 1215 and how to apply that knowledge into action.

Liberation requires self-discipline and that is what we are building on MC1215, an army of disciplined souls laser focused on the solution. 

I want to build my knowledge so I can educate and lead others, how can I do this? 

A great place to start is by reading the oath and all notice guides along with the Q & A’s.

Once you’ve attained foundational knowledge there’s a wealth of resources available on the Reading page, The Occulted Powers of The British Constitution and The Theft by Deception of the Great British Constitution are highly regarded starting points.

Should you require to advance your knowledge there is a wealth of in-depth knowledge contained on videos and reading pages of this website. 

From time-to-time we conduct Masterclass eight-week courses, keep an eye out on our Telegram page for when classes open for registration. 



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