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Below is a selection of essential reading material to help you further understand Magna Carta 1215, natural law, trial by jury and some of the great deceptions behind the current conditions that govern our world.

The Theft By Deception Of The Great British Constitution

A well written piece from David Robinson’s Practical Lawful Dissent website, detailing the theft of our great constitution, Magna Carta 1215 and the invocation of Article 61 that is the in built protection mechanism of our sovereignty.

The Validity Of The Magna Carta 1215 – Connor J. Wilkinson

This document dispels many of the myths concerning the validity of Magna Carta 1215. Included is many references to help with validating the information.

The Occulted Powers Of The British Constitution – William Keyte

A concise but detailed explanation on the British Constitution and its concealed powers of liberty from the Common Law Constitution website, referencing Kenn d’Oudney’s book “Democracy Defined: The Manifesto” and “Trial by Jury: Its History, True Purpose and Modern Relevance” by the same author and Lysander Spooner.

The History Of The Deception

This detailed piece outlines the history behind our current deceptive legal system, which dates back hundreds of years to Roman times and is still prominent across the globe today.

It discusses, in detail, the fraudulent, corporate system and its origins and how it is cunningly used against us on a daily basis by the very people that are meant to serve us.

Treason & The Validity Of Magna Carta 1215

Another document from David Robinson’s Practical Lawful Dissent website containing various exhibits of evidence detailing acts of treason and the validity of our constitution, Magna Carta 1215.

The Barons Petition, Feb 2001 – Transcript

A transcript of the petition served to the Queen by the barons in 2001 and the subsequent response from Robin Janvrin, the Queen’s personal secretary.

Magna Carta 1215 Article 61 With Explanations – David Robinson

The Constitution Treatise – Kenn d’Oudney

An excerpt from Kenn d’Oudney’s book “Why the D’estaing Constitution is the Antithesis of Democracy”

The Most Dangerous Superstition – Larken Rose

An awesome book, by Larken Rose, detailing the most dangerous superstition in the world. SPOILER ALERT: IT IS THE BELIEF IN AUTHORITY!!! A must-read book which details the main problems with this world and the simple solution.

Purchase The Most Dangerous Superstition

A Treatise On Natural Law – Lysander Spooner

The science of justice: A Treatise on natural law, natural justice, natural rights, natural liberty and natural society; showing that ALL legislation whatsoever is an absurdity, a usurpation, and a crime.

Smoke & Mirrors – Edward Fitzgerald

“A Compendium To Your Undoubted and Inalienable Rights” A book by Edward Fitzgerald.

An Essay On The Trial By Jury (1852) – Lysander Spooner

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