Author : MC1215

Lawful Notice Process: The Intervention That Ends Abuse of Power

Are you yet to activate the lawful notice process to challenge individuals who assume positions of authority that engage in immoral behaviour? This perspective can guide you toward a higher purpose. It involves initiating a process to confront the denial of so-called public servants regarding their profound impact on the alarming increase in cruelty and […]

Magna Carta 1215: Secure Boundaries For Freedom To Prevail

Championing the Right to Free Will and Balancing Freedom with ResponsibilityThe Magna Carta of 1215 stands as a binding one-sided promise made by individuals serving in the institution of government, reaffirming the principles inherent in the laws of nature. It formally recognises the self-evident truth that all living beings possess the right to exercise free […]

Magna Carta Is The Answer To Corporate Tyranny

Article for “The Light” newspaper – John Lock Western Australia is abuzz with talk about Premier ‘SkidMark’ McGowan’s putative legislation which he touts as “an end to the Covid State of Emergency” but which in fact provides unprecedentedly draconian powers to unelected bureaucrats and police. Powers which would enable officers to forcibly enter homes or […]

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